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Tonight on UT-TV: Your Favorite People!

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Watch/comment on my first ever TV appearance and a good conversation about the San Diego Chargers vs. the San Diego Padres.

Tom Shaw

So, here's the deal....

I will be going on "The Sports Page" (which, I swear, used to be "The Sports Page with Kevin and Annie") this evening. The show is on UT-TV, and there are details on how you can watch it below.

Kevin Acee, who I guess is the main host of the show, invited me out to do a roundtable on the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres along with Brady from Lobshots and Rick from RJ's Fro. How I fit into that group of handsome gentlemen, I have no idea. I suppose we'll have to find that out together.

I know I've bashed UT-TV in the past (ahem cough cough) and I don't want this to seem like I gave in as soon as the pretty girl came calling. The truth is, I like and respect Acee and trust that he can do a good local sports show. I also am interested to see the UT-TV studio and how the entire process goes down. I want to delve into the bowels of the machine, so to speak.

Anyway, tune in while I shift uncomfortably in my seat and loudly state inaccurate points in an attempt to win arguments. It should be fun.

Use the comments below as a open thread for tonight's festivities. I'll probably join in (no, it's not live). My understanding is that this will go on for 3 nights, and I'm thinking about doing an episode of Gennaro-ly Speaking leading into Wednesday night's broadcast, so this should be fun.

Time: 8-9pm, PST

Where to watch:

  • Cox Cable - 114
  • AT&T U-Verse - 17 or 1017 (HD)
  • Online: Click here