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San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen wears a Raiders hat

Keenan Allen has poor taste in hats, is probably still a very talented football player.

Rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen, a 3rd round pick out of Cal, has decided to make himself part of the news cycle. Actually, I'm quite sure that wasn't his plan at all. The young man posted a Vine video of himself enjoying some In-N-Out Burger while wearing an Oakland Raiders baseball cap. Somehow he didn't realize that was a no-no now that he plays for the San Diego Chargers. In what will come as a surprise to nobody, Allen caught hell from the Chargers fans on Twitter and issued an apology:

This is where reasonable people will let this non-story die and move on with our lives. Since many of you are not reasonable people and thus won't have come up with that idea on your own, allow me to suggest that you please let this non-story die and move on with your lives. I've seen you guys call for Allen to be cut, traded, benched and fined over wearing a hat. Keenan Allen, the steal of the draft, should be shipped off before he ever plays a snap (or be kept but prevented from playing) because he wore a Raiders hat. That's brilliant, you guys. Seriously, if you ever have another thought that brilliant, keep it to yourself. I don't even know what to say to you idiots that were hoping he gets hurt. You're sick people and you should seek professional help.

This will all blow over shortly if you let it and that can't happen soon enough. Nothing to see here, folks*. Move along. Okay, that might be wishful thinking on my part as this was a topic on NFL Network this morning, but that's just the NFL in May for you.

*Except a bunch of Chargers fans making asses of themselves.

(H/T to @LobShots who covered this story brilliantly over the weekend)