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LT Bryant McKinnie Signs 2-Year Contract with Baltimore Ravens

So much for the Baltimore Ravens not offering Bryant McKinnie a contract.

Well, back to the drawing board for San Diego Chargers' General Manager Tom Telesco on how to deal with the Left Tackle position. Max Starks is available and a name that kept coming up as a "backup plan" if the Bolts didn't land McKinnie, but he's not someone that I'm a huge fan of.

It's looking more and more likely that the Chargers' starting Left Tackle in 2013 will be King Dunlap. Considering the ferocity shown in San Diego's attempt to sign McKinnie, it's pretty obvious that the front office is not completely comfortable with that option.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still trying to ship out Left Tackle Branden Albert, and are supposedly asking for a 2014 2nd Round pick, but the thought is that the Chiefs would rather not trade within the AFC West division....which is to say nothing of how the Chargers would actually afford the large contract Albert is demanding.

So, what now? King Dunlap or bust?