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San Diego Chargers Mailbag: It's been a while

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It has been a while since I've answered your questions. Let's try to remedy that.

Doug Pensinger

Let's do a mailbag. One of those things where you guys ask me all sorts of questions and I give you a lot of vague answers, because I skipped Gennaro-ly Speaking this week and I'm dying for some BFTB Bossman-commenter interaction.

Here's how we're going to try to do this...

Please put your questions in the comments below.

Please do not answer questions asked by other people in the comments below. The best time to do that would be when I do a follow up post with my answers, so you can give your opinion and prove me wrong at the same time.

Anyone that doesn't listen and posts answers below will have their comments deleted. Those that do it repeatedly will be given an official site warning, which doesn't do a lot but looks bad on your record. Oh, and if you ignore the warning you'll be banned.

Ask away!