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Keeping Tabs on the AFC West: Broncos talking to Woodson, Chiefs running the Pistol, Amy Trask resigns from Raiders

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This week, in Keeping Tabs on the AFC West: BFTB writers wonder about the rumors of Charles Woodson and Brian Urlacher going to the Broncos, Joe Montana's signed dinner receipt is auctioned off and Amy Trask is no longer needed in Oakland.

Charles Woodson is a hot topic at two AFC West blogs this week
Charles Woodson is a hot topic at two AFC West blogs this week
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Welcome to the second edition of Keeping Tabs, where Bolts From the Blue aggregates news from the rest of the division into one convenient (hopefully weekly) post.

Many bored hard-working BFTB members have worked collaboratively to bring you this by combing over many articles at the other AFC West SB Nation-affiliated blogs; thanks are in order to SDNativeinTX, and Patrick Green for contributing to this week's edition.

Several other BFTB members will be contributing throughout the season as we try to illuminate more of the AFC West's happenings. Suggestions for how to improve this recurring post are appreciated.

Denver Broncos

The Pick Six

  1. Both Brian Urlacher and Charles Woodson are talking with the Broncos. Charles Woodson even has a visit scheduled. Urlacher reportedly will not happen.
  2. The folks at Mile High Report are enamored with the hire of Alex Gibbs (as consultant), particularly because of the zone blocking system he used to run in Denver.
  3. Speaking of which, Mile High Report ran an excellent crash course in zone blocking, replete with diagrams, videos, and explanations.
  4. Their equivalent of 'Daily Links', titled Horse Tracks, for Saturday had a whole lot of information going into the first day of rookie training camp.
  5. The Broncos signed several of their day three picks. You can view their draft storystream here.
  6. Mile High's 'Bronco Mike' projects the Broncos 53 man roster. Notable speculative cuts based on commentary: Julius Thomas, Lance Ball.

Under Review

In last week's edition of Keeping Tabs, we mentioned that the Broncos crowd seemed annoyed that the Broncos may enter 2013 with Rahim Moore -- guilty of blown coverage in the playoffs -- as a starting safety. Those fans may get their wish as the lead reporter for ESPN Denver states that the "Broncos appear to be favorites for Woodson".

Muffed Punt

As optimistic as I'd be if I were a Broncos fan right about now, this article about a speculative game between the 1998 Super Bowl winning Broncos and the 2013 Broncos left me wondering if Broncos fans were counting Von Miller's chickens before they hatch.

That's what she said:

"Sorry Brian: #Broncos are not interested in MLB Brian Urlacher. As in period."

-Denver Post columnist Mike Klis, who was famously wrong about the Broncos signing Peyton.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Pick Six

  1. Chris Ballard, a front office employee for the Bears for the past 12 years, was hired by the Chiefs to be Director of Player Personnel.
  2. An interesting training camp battle between Donnie Avery and Jon Baldwin (KC’s #1 pick in the 2011 draft) for the WR2 spot seems to be looming. Bowe is the clear #1, with McCluster in the slot. Fans appear to be rooting for Baldwin.
  3. The Chiefs will reportedly run some pistol offense in 2013. Andy Reid downplayed the significance of the formation in their offense.
  4. Branden Albert ended his holdout, but remains a trade rumor. Arrowhead Pride discussed the Lions, Cardinals, and Chargers as three possible destinations.
  5. Arrowhead Pride discussed whether or not they'd prefer to have Alex Smith or Philip Rivers. The author preferred Smith and called Norv a "mastermind", while the readership seemed torn: many opposing green comments.
  6. There is speculation that Dunta Robinson, a career CB that signed with KC in the offseason, may play safety in 2013.

Under Review

After Pro Football Focus left Jamaal Charles off the top 101 players in football list, the pitchforks were out in Kansas City. PFF tied themselves into knots trying to explain how this was possible: they attributed his success to the offensive line, stated he had "as many fumbles as TDs", and stated "42.3% of his yards came on 19 runs" (as if it'd be better if he had consecutive 40 yard runs than one 80 yard scamper). The more plausible explanation: PFF forgot about Jamaal Charles. There's at least two Bolts from the Blue members -- the two who prepared this section -- who haven't forgotten Charles, and feel he was snubbed.

Muffed Punt

Arrowhead Pride reports that an E-Bay auction item, a beer receipt signed by Joe Montana (dated 9/12/94), is younger than the Chiefs last playoff win. The receipt with the signature was being auctioned off for $175.00.

That's what she said:

"Everybody makes mistakes. Through this whole process, I realized I made mistakes. I'll grow from it and move on."

-Branden Albert, reflecting on his holdout when he returned to the team.

Oakland Raiders

The Pick Six

  1. While many believed the Raiders would switch to a 3-4 base defense this season, head coach Dennis Allen was adamant that they're sticking with the 4-3 in Oakland.
  2. DJ Hayden has seemingly put the life-threatening heart injury he suffered while in college behind him as he has been impressive in practice thus far.
  3. The fans at Silver and Black Pride are excited about Charles Woodson's possible return to Oakland after the free agent recently backed down from his contender-or-bust demand.
  4. Now that the rumor has started to circulate that Tyler Wilson could push for the starting job, Matt Flynn must be wondering what he ever did to offend the Wilson family name.
  5. The Raiders are hopeful that sixth round pick Stacy McGee has moved past his off-field troubles and can become a solid contributor on the field.
  6. Running back Latavius Murray turned some heads this weekend at rookie minicamp.

Under Review

The Raiders signed Greg Jenkins to an undrafted free agent contract to play wide receiver after he spent rookie minicamp with the team. Jenkins, the former Alabama State quarterback, apparently didn't expect to be signed so soon. "I was like, 'Why would they do that'?" Jenkins said. "I was just thinking they might just bring me back next week just for the minicamp with the veterans and stuff. But after that I checked my phone and my agent had called me and he was saying, 'Congratulations' and all that and that they had offered a contract...It surprised me, really." The fans at Silver and Black Pride are cautiously optimistic over the signing.

Muffed Punt

Al Davis' hire of Amy Trask as Raiders CEO in 1997 was lauded for breaking the gender barrier in professional sports. Unfortunately, Trask resigned on Sunday and ended her 25-year tenure with the Raiders organization. According to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, this wasn't a surprise because "Mark Davis had informed her she'd have a subordinate role under his ownership." Our friends at Silver and Black Pride weren't happy to learn of this news.

That's what she said:

"Basically, if Amy was visible at an Al Davis presser, you knew Al wasn't likely to do something too nutty."

-Tim Kawakami, on how Amy Trask was the glue that held the Al Davis regime together