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Former San Diego Chargers Running Back Chuck Muncie has died

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One of the greatest Running Backs in the history of the San Diego Chargers, Chuck Muncie, has died from a heart attack. We remember him well.

Here's some terrible news to start off your Tuesday: Former San Diego Chargers Running Back Chuck Muncie has died, at the age of 60, from a heart attack.

Muncie spent the first half of his career with the New Orleans Saints, making the Pro Bowl in 1979 before requesting a trade. Chuck alleged that it was a racist atmosphere in New Orleans (his car was repeatedly vandalized) and was traded to the Chargers during the 1980 season.

Muncie made the Pro Bowl again in 1981 (scoring an insane 19 rushing touchdowns) and in 1982. He was the Chargers' starting Running Back for both "The Epic in Miami" and "The Freezer Bowl". He is truly a historic figure in Chargers history, which is why he made the 40th anniversary team and the 50th anniversary team.

I've actually bumped into Chuck a couple of times over the last few years and always found him to be a very likable character. I'm very sad to hear that his life ended so early. Too early. We'll remember him for what he did on the field, but we'll feel sorrow for those that were lucky enough to know him off of it.

1983 Chargers at Giants Chuck Muncie TD (via smojo55106)