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San Diego Chargers visiting with Offensive Tackle Winston Justice

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Another offensive tackle is coming to meet with the San Diego Chargers, but this one doesn't stand a chance at competing with King Dunlap for the starting Left Tackle job.


The search for someone, anyone, that will take the San Diego Chargers' money and play Left Tackle instead of King Dunlap continues for Tom Telesco.

I moved to Philadelphia about two months after the Eagles drafted Winton Justice with the 39th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. I listened to a lot of Philly sports talk radio those first few years, and fans of the team went from being excited about Justice to hating his guts.

He started one game in his first two seasons. He quickly earned a reputation for shrinking any time he faced the Giants' pass rush (which was usually on national television). By the time he earned the starting Right Tackle spot, the fans had given up hope that he'd ever be anything more than an average Right Tackle.

After losing his job during the 2011 season, the Eagles cut him and the Colts picked him up before the 2012 season. It was a smart signing by a team that desperately needed something on the offensive line. He ended up starting 13 games at Right Tackle, but after starting the season strong he spent the second half of the year as a turnstile for any pass rusher looking to get to Andrew Luck.

To answer your question before it is even asked: No, Winston Justice is not an upgrade over King Dunlap and probably wouldn't even be allowed to see the left side of the line (He's never seen a snap at LT during his 5 year career). If Justice is signed, it's because he's as good as Jeromey Clary and could be had for less money. If Justice is signed, it means that Clary will be released.