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A Shopping Guide to Choosing the Right San Diego Chargers Jersey

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In the market for a new San Diego Chargers jersey? Koerner's Korner helps guide you through your options to stand out in a stadium of 50,000 people.

Christopher Koerner

Welcome to the very first Koerner's Korner. Koerner's Korner is a series of articles that focuses on the different aspects of being a Chargers fan in a humorous way. In this edition I'll be looking at the multitude of options when it comes to purchasing your next Chargers jersey.

First, I want to say thank you to former Chargers great Billy Ray Smith for giving this article series its namesake. Watch here at the 1:35 mark.

Did you notice the jersey that D.J. Fluker held up at the draft looked a little bit different than the jersey that's hanging in your closest? If these pictures are any indication, then that means a lot of us will be ponying up some cash this year for new jerseys again. Buying an NFL jersey is kind of like being an at home general manager. If you have the money to spend you can choose as many players as you want with reckless abandon but if you're like me you really want to take the time and make the right purchase that's going to benefit your Chargers wardrobe for years to come. Hopefully, I can give you some advice and tips on making your next jersey, a worthwhile investment.

Choosing the right player

  • Longevity: Nothing is worse than spending the money on a Chargers jersey only to see that player traded, cut, or banished after a year.(David Boston). High draft picks, future hall of famers, and old time Chargers greats are usually safe bets for years of game day wearing. If you always want to be wearing a current player and you're going to spend $100+ you want at least 3 good years from that Jersey, so buying an Antonio Gates #85 this year probably isn't the right move.
  • Number: People with body issues if you're wondering if D.J. Fluker's #76 jersey is going to make you look bigger and boxier then the answer is yes. There will always be an association between size and the number on your back. I'm not saying fat guys can't rock an Eric Weddle #32 but I am saying a Mike Scifries #5 is not going to compliment us bigger fans. If you want a number that's between lineman large and secondary skinny I would go with linebackers. The 50's are the in between that's just right for that sunday red carpet.
  • Uniqueness: You ever go to a game and see a guy wearing a #66 with the name Richards on the back and try to think if a Richards #66 ever played for the Chargers only to realize the answer is no and that guy put his own name on the back of that jersey and pick some random number like the Chargers actually assigned it to him? Well you can't get those 2 minutes of your life back so boo that man! I understand not wanting to be one of 30,000 people at Qualcomm with a Philip Rivers #17 but there's better ways to stand out. I suggest going with a former retired Charger who this city still loves like a Tony Martin #81 or a Keith Lincoln #22. I also like the idea being a risk taker by going with a rookie that was picked high in the draft but people aren't too sure about yet like a Melvin Ingram #54. Who knows, this might happen if you do...



    • Home vs Road- A few years ago the Chargers changed their Jersey design and its possible that that design might be altered again this year with the coloring of the names on the back and the neck roll being scrapped. The current navy blue homes and the white road unis both look great. So color is really a preference on which color is better for you. Although, keep in mind that if you decide to go with the white those stains you got not washing your flamin' hot cheetos fingers before playing flip cup in the parking will show like a true football fan battle scar.
    • Throwbacks/Alternate- Most people around the country tend to agree that the best uniforms in the NFL are the Chargers old throwback powder blue jerseys. It was way ahead of its time then and still shines bright like a diamond to this day. I myself prefer the throwback all white jerseys from the same era and that awesome 2009 regular season. Any coincidence that the Chargers seem to do really well when they where their throwback uniforms multiple times during the season 1994 and 2009? Just saying. The Chargers do have the "alternate" jerseys that they break out a few times a year that are essentially the current home design but with the powder blue colors. Personally, I feel if you're gonna do powder blue you should get the actual AFL throwbacks. Go ahead relive the past a little.
    • Special Colors- There are even special colorways for the real outside the box fans. For the ladies, they offer the all pink . Every girls favorite color is pink right guys!? There is also the all black Chargers jersey which I hate because anytime I see it I automatically think Raiders but the bros seem to like it. You can even show off not only your love for football but your love for hiding in trees with these camouflage catastrophes.

    If you're in the market for a new bolts jersey this upcoming season and you're unsure of what to get, let Koerner's Korner be your guide to becoming the next football fashionisto.