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Charles Woodson opens his options to include San Diego Chargers

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Former Packers Cornerback and Safety Charles Woodson has changed his stance, opening up the possibility of signing with teams that aren't considered Super Bowl contenders this season. Could he wind up with the San Diego Chargers?

"We got you! Now put the jersey on!"
"We got you! Now put the jersey on!"
Donald Miralle

Charles Woodson is still a free agent, and I was under the assumption that he was waiting for a Super Bowl contender to have an opening before signing anywhere. Apparently, he's already tired of waiting.

That's interesting. There could be one of two reasons for that, and one of them makes the San Diego Chargers an attractive destination for the former Defensive Player of the Year and eight time Pro Bowler.

He wants the money

Sorry, Charles. San Diego can't really help you here. If there is a team out there willing to spend about $10 million for a 36 year old Defensive Back that is too slow to be a #1 CB and was only average as a Strong Safety in 2012, which is to say nothing of his ability to stay healthy, then I wish you the best of luck in finding them. The Chargers, however, are not that team.

Contenders are contenders for a reason. They don't overpay for free agents (typically), and they're not going to sign the same contract that the Packers were so desperate to get out of.

He wants to play

Well, well, well....this could work.

I know everyone wants to stop me before I get started. They want to say that Tom Telesco doesn't sign big name free agents. He builds through the draft. He's aiming for success in 2014, not 2013. If that's the case, I ask you....why did they chase Bryant McKinnie? Why are they meeting with Max Starks? If 2013 isn't meant as anything more than a rebuilding year, why is Telesco trying to sign free agents to be his Left Tackle for the next few seasons?

Let's get back to the business at hand. Imagine the Chargers' secondary as a game of musical chairs.

  • Chair 1: Cornerback #1 Derek Cox is sitting in this chair, attentive and excited. He is not required to stand up when the music starts. He has a special exemption, or something. I'm not sure how musical chairs are played these days.
  • Chair 2: Free Safety Eric Weddle is asleep in this chair. It's actually a custom-made recliner made of the world's finest leather. Please be very quiet so that you don't wake up the Weddle.
  • Chair 3: Cornerback #2 Shareece Wright is sitting in this chair, but as soon as the music starts up he'll have to get up and start walking around and hope that he's in a good position to get back in the chair when the music stops.
  • Chair 4: Strong Safety Marcus Gilchrist is sitting in this chair and smiling. He's never been in this chair before, but it seems pretty cool. It even says "Property of Brandon Taylor" right there on the back of the chair. Neat! Marcus will have to get up when the music starts, but he's confident he can find his way back to this chair. If he can't, there's always his old chair....
  • Chair 5: Nickel Cornerback Steve Williams just got here, and the first thing the Chargers did was offer him a chance to sit in Marcus Gilchrist's old chair. He's been given strict instructions to stand up and start walking around the chairs (quietly, so as not to wake the Weddle) as soon as he hears music.

Five chairs with five bodies in them. Here's the list of guys walking around, waiting for the music to start up again so that they can get a shot at stealing away a chair.

  • Jahleel Addae
  • Cornelius Brown
  • Greg Brown
  • Marcus Cromartie
  • Greg Gatson
  • Josh Johnson
  • Kenny Okoro
  • Johnny Patrick
  • Darrell Stuckey

So, what's the incentive for Charles Woodson to sign with the San Diego Chargers? It's simple, really. For the right price, Charles can have himself a chair. He can have either the chair the Gilchrist is in, the one Wright is in or the one that Williams is in. That would get him on the field an awful lot, and give him a chance to look good playing next to Eric Weddle as well.

Even if he does just want the money, even if there's no chance that he signs a short, cheap deal to come be a part of the Chargers' defense, it has to be worth a phone call as long as there are three chairs without permanent owners in the 2013 San Diego secondary.