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Chargers Sign Four Draft Picks

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Four of the Chargers six Draft picks for 2013 have been signed to contracts? Who's left?


The San Diego Chargers have announced the signings of four of their 2013 Draft picks. All four of those players have signed four-year contracts, keeping them with the team through 2016. This was a given since the CBA dictates rookie contracts for players selected after the first round are to be four-year deals; no exceptions.

The Chargers have signed Inside Linebacker Manti Te'o (second round, 38th overall), Wide Receiver Keenan Allen (third round, 76th overall), Outside Linebacker Tourek Williams (sixth round, 179th overall), and Quarterback Brad Sorensen (seventh round, 221st overall).

That just leaves their first-round pick D.J. Fluker and Cornerback Steve Williams (fifth round) as the remaning unsigned rookies. I wouldn't be too worried though, with the new rookie wage scale in place, neither of these guys will have much incentive to hold out. There's only a finite amount of money available for signing bonuses and the wage scale is pretty well-defined.