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Bryant McKinnie Taking a Physical for the San Diego Chargers

Free agent Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie has been wined and dined by the San Diego Chargers and is now taking a physical for the team, which is the next step towards signing a contract.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been following the @BFTB_Chargers account on Twitter, you know that free agent Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie was in San Diego visiting with the Chargers yesterday. You also know that he was out at dinner with the Chargers' brass last night, but that money had not yet been discussed.

Now are you non-Twitter people up to date? Okay, good, because here's the new update:

McKinnie and his agent know that the Chargers might be the most desperate of all the teams that are attempting to woo the former Viking and Raven, which means San Diego is probably willing to offer the most money. Even if money hasn't yet been discussed, proving to the team that McKinnie is 100% healthy is the final step that needs to be taken before Tom Telesco starts backing the Brinks truck full of money to McKinnie's doorstep.

As I've stated before, the desperation that San Diego has in this situation makes me worried because it feels like flashbacks to signing Jared Gaither last offseason. However, the fan in me is excited because a healthy McKinnie at Left Tackle makes this a Chargers team that could potentially compete for a playoff spot in 2013.

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