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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 9, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Is Rivers part of the Chargers' solution? - Kevin Acee (paywall)
My certainty that Rivers is an elite quarterback is thoroughly documented. If you think I am advocating for his time in San Diego to be winding down, you are either illiterate or willfully ignorant. But I believe he needs a really good 2013 for the new Chargers’ bosses to commit to him long term.

San Diego Chargers draft options - Bill Williamson
How he could be the choice: I think he’d be a backup plan. But Tavon Austin would fill a need, and San Diego could be tempted to add an explosive piece.

Charger Girls Kick Off 2013 Auditions - Ricky Henne (Video)
Auditions for the 2013 Charger Girls squad are underway, with nearly 500 hopefuls whittled down to just 72 after the first day.

2013 NFL mock draft: San Diego Chargers select... - Joel Thorman
Star Lotulelei is a beast. At least that's what the guy with the helmet made of hair told me. And his heart was recently even cleared by "top men", so they won't have to worry about losing him suddenly (to early retirement) like Mario's power star.

2013 NFL mock draft: Chargers select Star Lotulelei - Sean Yuille
In the end, I think Lotulelei makes the best sense. The Chargers only have one NT on the roster but could use help all along the defensive line, and Lotulelei is versatile enough to fit anywhere. Lotulelei is an incredibly athletic defensive lineman who will be able to help tremendously in both run and pass defense.