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Do You Want to Join the BFTB Staff?

Bolts from the Blue is looking for new writers to add to the staff to write about the San Diego Chargers during the weekend. Are you interested? Fill out the form today!

Thomas Starke

Every year, as a way to try and infuse some new blood around here, I do one of these posts where I ask for applications from people that would wish to join our BFTB staff as writers. Usually, I list a few "open positions" that you can apply for, but this year I'm doing things just a little differently.

I'm looking for a few good writers to make up our "weekend crew" for the next few months. I don't really care what you want to write about or how you want to do it, as long as it is somehow related to the San Diego Chargers and gets regularly published on Saturday or Sunday.

The weekends are going to be a bit like the "minor leagues" in baseball, and those that do a good job on the weekends will be "promoted" to weekdays, which will keep them on the staff once football games start (and I begin taking over weekends with game coverage). If they o a good job on weekdays, and the fun blogging they do on the side becomes a paying gig that they can use to fund whatever their favorite habit is.

Cool? Cool. I plan on being a lot more open to the idea of bringing people on staff that are new to the site and/or haven't written FanPosts before, so keep that in mind if those were things that stood in your way previously.

If you'd like to become an actual member of the BFTB staff, please fill out this form.