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San Diego Chargers Announce Preseason Schedule

The San Diego Chargers will play two playoff teams, including the NFC Champion 49ers, ion the 2013 NFL preseason.


The San Diego Chargers have announced their schedule for the 2013 preseason. It includes some superstars that we'll get to watch for almost an entire half.

Preseason Week 1

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers

Russell Wilson! Pete Carroll! It's still somewhat funny to me that the Chargers play the Seahawks every single year in the preseason, but I'll probably be pretty sad when this tradition eventually ends.

Preseason Week 2

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears (ESPN)

Jay Cutler! Brandon Marshall! ESPN! I can't wait for Jon Gruden to talk about how great the Bears are going to be in 2013 and how terrible the Chargers will be all game.

Preseason Week 3

San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals

Ken Whisenhunt returns home to the Cardinals, who will have Carson Palmer as their starting Quarterback. So, that will be something.

Preseason Week 4

San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers

The NFC Champions come to San Diego in the most pointless game of the preseason. Who knows if we'll even see Colin Kapernick at all, but at least the Chargers won't have to travel the week before the season.