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XTRA's "World of Sports" Struggles Without Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins is off on vacation this week, and his partner Chris Ello is not handling the show well in his absence. Here's a recap of how Ello has driven listeners nuts this week.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Higgins, the usual co-host of XTRA 1360AM's "World of Sports with Chris and Ben" morning radio show, is on vacation. His partner, Chris Ello, has been worse than usual in his absence. Friend-of-the-blog Brady from LobShots told me to take my complaints from this week, which I've been putting out on Twitter each morning, and organize them into their own post. This one is for you, Brady.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, former XTRA employee Josh Rosenberg returned to the 1360AM airwaves to fill Higgins' spot in the morning. It did not go well:

Pause. That probably needs some explanation. Here's one of the few things I learned doing a radio show for 1360 for a few months: The 1 is like the play-by-play commentator, whereas the 2 is like the color guy. The 1 gets you in and out of commercial breaks and drives where the discussion is going, and the 2 makes interesting points and talks in soundbytes. Got it? Good, let's keep going.

I was told that I'd probably be "hunted down and killed" for that tweet. I always knew that, somehow, Twitter would be the death of me.

Tomorrow, Ello is joined by former San Diego Chargers Guard Mike Goff. Here's to hoping Ello does something to anger Goff.