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BFTB After Dark: April 30, 2013

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A recap of the day at BFTB and with the San Diego Chargers, as well as a random music video and a comment section to talk about whatever you want. Go Clippers!


Another fun day at BFTB. I love that we've carried the madness from the draft into this week. The real question is...can we carry it until August when training camp starts?

Also, let me use this post to announce that I'll be gone for about two weeks in June and Richard will be in charge. You guys should probably get your sarcasm fonts in now before then, because I won't be able to let you out of ban-prison when I'm eating pastries in Paris.

Today's Posts:

  • Gennaro-ly Speaking: Post-Draft Recap - Just in case you missed it last night. We're reaching a crazy point with this thing where so many people are watching/commenting that it's hard for me to keep up with the conversation. Screw trying to change it in any way though, let's ride this thing until the rims fall off.
  • Daily Links: Manti Te'o All The Time - Pretty intense conversation in the comments about the importance of a "blind side" Offensive Tackle. Worth checking out.
  • Post-Draft Predictions: Record, Starter - I knew nobody would be happy with my 4-12 prediction. Is the team better than last year's? Probably, but the schedule is a hell of a lot harder in 2013. I still like saying they'll win between 4 and 7 games, but that seems like a cop out in some way.
  • How many starters did the Chargers draft? - Thought it was interesting that Kyle labeled Keenan Allen as a starter. That's his potential, sure, but lots can go wrong between now and then. There's reasons that he was available in the third.
  • Nail in the Coffin: Week 6 vs Denver Broncos - I love this series, but the selfish part of me wants Andrew to do the positive side and show us plays that helped the Chargers win games....although we probably all know/remember those ones already.

REMIX Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Ft. Childish Gambino)