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BFTB Live Video Podcast: April 3, 2013

John Gennaro broadcasts for an hour and discusses all things San Diego Chargers.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

Here's your hour of me talking to myself. We actually have quite a bit to talk about because everyone has been fighting with me this week.

As always, you'll lead my conversation with your comments below, but in case nobody shows up I have a list of things to talk about anyway:

  • Jarius Wynn
  • Is Danny Woodhead as good as Darren Sproles?
  • Jared Gaither has been released!
  • Are the Chargers switching to a 4-3 defense?
  • Can the San Diego Padres be any good this year?
  • Fan expectations for the Chargers in 2013
  • The NFL Draft is coming up! Will the Chargers draft a Safety? A pass rusher?
  • Are the Chargers switching to a Zone Blocking System? (Yes, again)
  • San Diego sports media

All that stuff and a crap-load more. Video of the broadcast is below.