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TONIGHT 7PM PT: Post-Draft Video Podcast

John Gennaro will be on live streaming video for an hour tonight, discussing the San Diego Chargers' 2013 draft class and much more.


Since I haven't been "on the air" since Thursday night, I thought tonight would be a good time to sit and recap the entire 2013 NFL Draft for the San Diego Chargers on "Gennaro-ly Speaking".

Things we'll be discussing tonight include:

  • Your comments/questions, maddening as they may be.
  • Have I changed my stance on D.J. Fluker at all?
  • Manti Te'o baggage and if it matters.
  • How did the rest of the AFC West do in the 2013 NFL Draft?
  • What does this draft mean for Tom Telesco and the future of the San Diego Chargers?
  • What did the draft reveal about the team's philosophy?
  • Which players should be pleased with the draft and which ones should not be?
  • What holes remain on the roster and how should the Chargers go about filling them?
  • What is a "rally squirrel" and why are the Padres suddenly so good?
  • Annie's pink pants!

All of that and much more tonight, at 7pm Pacific. Join me for an hour of reaction to the last week of San Diego sports.