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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: April 25, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Final San Diego Chargers Mock Draft - Steve Shoup
About the Pick: Fluker is a rare case of a tackle who is the dreaded "right tackle only", being considered for not just a top 50 pick, but legitimately a top 20 pick. He probably could never switch to the left side, but he offers big potential as a right tackle. He's extremely physical and can just blow defenders off the line, with both strength and massive arms.

Abolish the NFL Draft - Patrick Hruby
Are you sitting down? Good. Are you more than 50 feet away from the nearest pitchfork and/or torch? Even better. I have an idea. A proposal, really. A plan to make sports better. It's a simple plan, but also heretical, so much so that I probably should divide it into 95 parts and nail it to your computer screen. Consider yourself warned. Still with me? Here goes.

Abolish the NFL Draft - S.M. Oliva
The sports draft is an anomaly of the American labor market. In most industries new hires are free to seek employment wherever there's an opening. Even promising high school athletes may accept a scholarship offer from any college. But the NFL shield has stood resolutely against labor freedom since 1935

Prospect Profiles Hub Page - Ricky Henne
Find each of our Prospect Profiles leading up to the NFL Draft right here.

Chargers should be offensive in first - Kevin Acee (paywall)
Here’s the deal: Every team in the top 10 arguably needs an offensive tackle, which is the Chargers’ greatest position of need. Several of the teams also need a guard, which is the Chargers’ second-biggest need.