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Gennaro-ly Speaking: Let's Talk About the 2013 NFL Draft

John Gennaro returns to the virtual airwaves to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft and what fans of the San Diego Chargers should expect.

Justin K. Aller

The 2013 NFL Draft is less than 48 hours away and a ton of questions still remain for the San Diego Chargers and their new General Manager, Tom Telesco. Let's spend the next hour or so trying to find answers to them.

As always, the conversation will be driven by your comments, but here are some topics I will try to touch on:

  • Strong Safety - Is Marcus Gilchrist the answer there? Is Kenny Vaccaro? How does Brandon Taylor factor into this?
  • Offensive Tackle - What happens if the San Diego Chargers don't draft an Offensive Tackle?
  • First Draft - For Telesco as GM and for McCoy as Head Coach. Also, how will Dea Spanos role change?
  • Biggest Needs - Let's reevaluate and rank the team's biggest needs
  • Cornerback - What does the team need to do about its Cornerbacks? How does the situation change after the draft?

That seems fine. I'm sure there will be a ton more and we'll be running long. The show starts at 7pm sharp. Get your questions in the comments below now to have them talked about early. The live video (or recorded video, if you're really late), is below: