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Prospect Profile: Margus Hunt

CrimeTime31 digs in his heels to find out the answer to the most important question heading into the 2013 NFL Draft: Is Margus Hunt a freak athlete from Estonia or an unfrozen caveman from Southern California?

Margus Hunt celebrates cave people.
Margus Hunt celebrates cave people.

A Very Fast Man

Margus Hunt is a 6'8", 277 lbs defensive end from SMU. He's got 10" hands and a 33-3/4" arm length. Margus Hunt is huge, so of course he ran a 40 yard dash that was better than several of the top running backs in this draft class - 4.60. That's right, this giant man ran a 4.6 40.

Let's put that into context. Terron Armstead, who is flying up draft boards as the fastest offensive lineman in the history of the draft, was more than a tenth of a second slower at 4.71. Eric Fisher and Johnathan Cooper took over 5 seconds to run 40 yards.

Here is a list of running backs in this year's draft class that ran the 40 yard dash slower than Margus Hunt:

Ellington was the only one who was close out of those eight.

I first got a look at Margus Hunt in the Hawaii Bowl this year. He made Fresno State's right tackle look like a statue. Hunt finished the game with 3 tackles for a loss, 2 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, and a safety. Most of that was in the first quarter.

After that, Fresno double-teamed Margus with a TE or GAT assignments - by cheating their blocking to Hunt they allowed 4 more sacks. If you watch the tape, Hunt is in the backfield before the tackle is even out of his stance. He is huge but his speed his probably his greatest asset.

The Dikembe Mutumbo of Special Teams

Margus' motor never stops. Either that, or he's like most Europeans and thinks that the kicking game is the most interesting part of American football because he blocked 16 field goal and extra point attempts in his 3-year collegiate career. 8 of those blocks were in his first season. Hunt's ridiculous 34-1/2" vertical probably helped.

Where'd Margus Come From?

How does such an athletic freak end up playing in Conference USA for SMU? Here's how: Hunt never played a snap of high school football. The story is that he grew up in Estonia and went to SMU on some kind of fool's errand promoted by the women's track coach, who thought getting Margus on campus would force the Athletic Director to reinstate men's track and field.

Margus owns the World Junior record in discus and is a World Junior gold medalist in discus and shot put. Maybe it wasn't such a crazy plan. After paying for his first year of school on his own, there was no movement on a Track and Field Scholarship In desperation, Margus asked coach June Jones for a football tryout. He made the team and has now played a total of 3 years of organized football, all at the D1 FBS level.

But Where Did He Really Come From?

I don't believe that story, I don't even think Estonia is a real country. I know the deal with Margus Hunt. That plaque is no coincidence.

I also found this picture, which you have to admit is pretty weird and the resemblance is undeniable. Not to mention, on his e-harmony dating profile Hunt lists "wheezing the juice" as one of his hobbies. Come on, "Hunt"? Does that sound like the name of someone from a fake European country? How about "Hunt-er Gather-er"? How do you explain the freakish athleticism and the sweet Mesozoic beard? There's only one explanation, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm going to be the first to reveal how Margus Hunt was really discovered: He was found frozen, in a backyard in Encino, CA by two high school rejects. You never heard of him because he's a caveman*.

*We didn't mean to ruin
Margus' cover story. It's possible that he's not a caveman.