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With deadline past, Danario Alexander remains a San Diego Charger

Telesco's "gamble" appears to have paid off for the Chargers

J. Meric

Some Chargers fans were rather worried when new General Manager Tom Telesco placed the lowest possible tender on wide receiver Danario Alexander. Telesco could have placed a first or second round tender on Alexander, but would have placed the team on the hook for an additional $1.556 million for the former or an additional $700,000 for the latter. Given the limited cap space, Telesco gambled that no other clubs would be willing to risk a big contract on the injury prone wide out.

Luckily for the Chargers, Telesco's gamble paid off last night when the deadline to sign Alexander to an offer sheet came and went without any of the 31 other teams making a play for him. This shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. Although fans were easily won over by the mid-season acquisition's strong second half, teams understandably aren't ready to buy into the idea that he can do it for more than half a season.

Only 24-years-old, Alexander has already undergone five knee surgeries and is going to need to show more that he can stay healthy before any team commits big dollars and years to him. He'll get that chance this season (once he signs his contract) and could cash in next March when he's scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent.