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The BFTB Video Podcast Returns at 7pm on Wednesday

Set your alarm clocks, the BFTB Video Podcast returns tomorrow and we'll finally be talking about the NFL Draft.

Christopher Lee

I missed out on doing a live video podcast last week due to scheduling issues, but this week I purposely left Wednesday wide open to sit and chat about the San Diego Chargers with you guys.

Also, I disliked doing it on Thursday nights because it seemed to clash with other Chargers blogs doing other similar things. So I'm claiming Wednesday as "BFTB Night" and we're going to talk about the NFL Draft, maybe some San Diego Padres (since their game should be ending around the time we start up), and we'll undoubtedly end with me complaining about the local sports media in this one-horse town.

You can consider this your "After Dark" post of the night and comment with whatever you want below.

Today's Posts:

  • Daily Links - I don't care how good King Dunlap is. If the Chargers don't sign or draft another Offensive Tackle, people are going to lose their shit.
  • Let's Go Drafting: Strong Safeties - How the hell can people totally disregard the Strong Safety position? It's half of your passing defense! And our pass rush has nobody in it! It's incredible important.
  • Should Ryan Mathews Stop Lifting Weights? - Apparently, I'm Bob Costas and not allowed to have an opinion anymore because my voice is the voice of God. Noted.

ZZ Ward - "Put The Gun Down" - A Trolley Show (via trolleyshow)