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The New BFTB Writers Are Awesome

Recapping the first week with the new writers that have been added to BFTB's staff. Which one is your favorite thus far?

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Wow. So, I guess I'm pretty awesome when it comes to hiring new writers? Either that or just really, really lucky. These new guys are blowing me away with their posts, and they were incredibly useful when I was too sick to get out of bed for 3 days.

I want to highlight all of the new guys' posts, in case you may have missed any.

  • Patrick Green: The Chargers Should Draft Tavon Austin at 11 - I actually loved that the first post written by one of the new guys was one that none of the old writers would've written. Fresh blood!
  • CrimeTime31: Digital Dolt: Issue #1 and The Science of Concussions and CTE - I love the Digital Dolt. I loved the Digital Dolt before CrimeTime was officially hired, when it was just an idea thrown up in the middle of the most insane job application I've ever seen. However, that article on concussions and CTE is one of the best things that has ever graced BFTB and has been getting retweeted like crazy by science nerds ever since it was posted.
  • Kyle Posey: Think the Chargers are rebuilding? Think again - KP kicks off his BFTB writing career with some much-needed optimism. I like it. The Chargers probably are better than we think, and anything can happen in the NFL.
  • Jerome R Watson: Prospect Profile: Alec Ogletree - Jerome loves him some Alec Ogletree, and has for a few months. This was a fitting first post. I'm looking forward to more of these prospect profiles before the draft.
  • Christopher Koerner: It's time for a new backup QB - I both agree and disagree with this article. Ask anyone at Chargers Park if Charlie should go and their first response is likely to be "What about Philip?" As in, who will be Rivers' best friend? Who will he hang out with at practice, on the plane, in the locker room? You don't really want to make your most important player feel lonely during his most crucial season.
  • David F. Marver: History & Fun Facts on the 11th pick in the NFL Draft and Poll: Where would you draft "Robo Punter"? - I am irrationally excited for the stuff that Marver has coming this week, but I don't want to forget how good either one of his first two posts are. Both are definitely worth checking out.
  • Zach Malone: Bolts Ballers: The 1965 Topps "Tallboys" - I haven't collected sports cards since I was a kid. Want to know why? It's because my brother had a pretty good collection by time I started collecting them, so he would steal any of good cards that I got and leave me with all the bad ones, which I started using exclusively to make my Huffy sound like a motorcycle. That being said, sports cards are a really cool peek into history and I love this series already.
  • SDNativeinTX: A History of the San Diego Chargers, Part 5: "The Pinnacle" - I've been a big fan of this series ever since it started appearing in the FanPosts. Very happy that they're automatically showing up at the top of the home page now. The Chargers have a richer history than many think.
  • Jason Peters: Breaking Down Jarius Wynn and (Fake) Text Messages from Robert Meachem and Breaking Down King Dunlap - I told myself I wasn't going to play favorites, but holy crap that's an outstanding start to a BFTB writing career right there. The "Breaking Down New Bolts" series is one I've been dying to do myself but didn't really have time to. The fake text messages post was awesome. Jason was hired to be our new Fantasy Football expert and is apparently an expert in everything. I'm overwhelmed with joy.
  • Andrew Tschiltsch: Nail in Coffin: New Orleans Saints Game - Just typing Andrew's last name makes me tired. Andrew put up a wonderful post on the Chargers' 2012 loss to the Saints that, unfortunately, needs to be polished up a bit after we ran into a few legal issues with it. I'll make sure you alert you when it's back up, just in case you missed it the first time it was up.
  • Nick Shepherd: Ryan Mathews: Tale of the Tape - Nick's post, which is very long and very detailed, is awaiting some last minute additions (glorious, wonderful GIFs!) but should be up tomorrow or Saturday. Get excited!