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Digital Dolt: Issue #1

The Digital Dolt is a weekly feature on Bolts from the Blue that provides humor, surf reports, beer reviews, and general derpy news while highlighting a new Chargers Girl in each issue.

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Stephen Dunn

The Digital Dolt...for those that embrace a Southern California brand of fanhood.

Disclaimer. The Dolt is a shameless impersonation of Spencer Hall's Guide to Spicy Living, the Digital Viking. To honor that memory and put our own twist on things, we will review 5 essentials of the southern California sports fan's lifestyle*:

1- Charger Girl of the Week, because in SoCal our inspiration is rarely more than skin deep.
2- The Derp. Whatever Deion Sanders said on the NFL Network this week and why it bothered us.
3- Chips and Salsa. Best bars and restaurants by the ubiquitous appetizer of our region*.
4- Beverage. No shirley temples or umbrella drinks.
5- Surf Report. Everyone knows why we can't stay on local TV, the gnarly swells at pillbox brah.

Chargers Girl of the Week (CGOTW): Anjelica


via Charger Girls on Facebook

In a room full of dyed blondes, we pick the redhead as our inaugural CGOTW. Does she stand out because of the red hair? Or, is it because she is really, really, really ridiculously good looking? You be the judge.

Anjelica is trying to save the world by combining her passion to help those with special needs and her love of dance. More Anjelica can be found here, here, and here.


-After scheduling a pro-day, JaMarcus Russell cancels his pro-day but claims that he did not cancel it because he never scheduled a pro-day to begin with. I think he canceled the idea of having a pro-day because purple drank. Also, he's still too fat.

-CAL has a new logo. It's not dirty, is it? I don't know why, but I want to say there's something vaguely dirty about it, I just can't put my finger on it...although I do have an odd inclination to put my finger on the bear's nose, I'm not sure why.


Personally, I was always partial to the UC Lobster.

Chips and Salsa

Salazar's Fine Mexican Food, 1502 Market Street, East Village

BEST. CHIPS. EVER. Home-made, just the right salt/crunch and holy crap, deeelicious. The salsa is kind of "meh", but the chips, holy-chips Batman, these are chips to blog about. Tacos are also good; They don't ask if you want hard or soft, they house-fry a corn tortilla and it comes out crispy and delicious, like their chips. Throwback diner feel in the dining room and open for brunch. Chilaquiles are authentic and also the bomb.


Green Flash Imperial IPA

We have to start with a San Diego favorite, a hop-head's dream, and a brewery named for a mythical green light that some people claim to see as the sun disappears over the ocean-horizon. Golden in color, a bit of a copper hue and a full soapy head, this brew has a subtle but detectable citrus hop aroma. The grapefruit flavors in the hops come through more in the taste than in the nose. A nice blend of citrus and malt with a mouthfeel that is quite light and smooth. One of my all-time favorite brews, the 90 on beer advocate is an insult and a disservice to the epic deliciousness of this beer.

Surf Report

The Brah Reccomends: Torrey Pines City Beach or Imperial Beach (FRIDAY)

Looks like the bigger swells will hit today and the entire county cools off over the weekend, peaky beach breaks at TPCB and Imperial will be 3-5 ft, looking stronger for early Friday. So, take a day off work to ride and use the weekend to sit on the shore and spot talent, brosef.

*CrimeTime31 is a resident of East Tennessee and has never surfed a day in his life.