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BFTB Video Podcast: Gennaro-ly Speaking 4/10

Spending an hour of our Wednesday evening together to discuss San Diego sports, as always.

Claudio Villa

Let's dig through those suggestions I asked for earlier and see what we're talking about tonight...

  • The 2013 NFL Draft and who the San Diego Chargers should draft in the first two rounds
  • What should the team look for in an Inside Linebacker next to Donald Butler?
  • Should the team draft a QB in the later rounds of the draft?
  • What happens if Shareece Wright isn't very good?
  • How deep is the draft at positions of need for San Diego?
  • Is the Padres pitching staff cursed?
  • Is Deon Butler a replacement for Eddie Royal?
  • How is Chris Ello still on the air?
  • Why did the Chargers meet with Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te'o?
  • Who did I pick in the 2nd round of the SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft?
  • The new name of the Podcast, which I may or may not keep.

If there's anything you want to touch on that's not in the list above, comment below. We'll be starting at 7pm (promise).

Oh, and let me know you're here by commenting so that I can reference you, if need be.