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TONIGHT: BFTB Video Podcast at 7pm

Set your alarm clocks for fun tonight at 7pm for the BFTB live video podcast that really needs a new name.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

I'm doing the weekly "sit and rant about the San Diego Chargers while people in the comment try to make me angry" thing again tonight. Should be fun.

I'm taking recommendations for topics, or just general questions you may have, in the comments below. Obviously, you could wait and ask them during the actual show, but asking them now gives you a better chance of it getting answered and gives me a better chance of answering the question knowledgeably.

Also, I'm getting tired of calling the weekly live video podcast "After Dark". It's confusing some people, most notably myself. Throw your recommendations for a new name for this thing in the comments below. You'll even get a Producer credit or whatever Hollywood people say.