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RECAP: The First "BFTB After Dark" Video Podcast

John Gennaro spends an hour on camera talking about all things related to San Diego sports.

Michael Heiman

I'm going to be completely honest with you. I haven't watched more than a few seconds of the video below, which is the recorded video podcast (or Google+ Hangout, if you want to get specific), but I remember making it and I had a blast doing it. More fun than I expected to have.

Let's see if I remember all the things that I managed to rant about in that hour:

  • Why I don't like A.J. Smith as an NFL General Manager - including "behind the scenes" stories about why his early draft picks were so often busts. Oh, I also included reasons that I used to like him as a GM and explained why he screwed up 2011 free agency.
  • Bernard Pollard is a murderer and the Chargers need more guys like him - This was probably somewhere in the second half of things, but it was a lively discussion.
  • Getting depressed about the San Diego sports media - This is how I wrapped things up. If it looked like I was about to cry, it's because I was.
  • A lesser-known theory about what's wrong with Philip Rivers - This was super early. Not sure if I've ever written about it before.
  • Is replacing Jeromey Clary with Eric Winston a smart move? - This was probably the first thing I talked about, even though I planned for my first topic to be "Punting is the hardest thing in football to do." That will have to be saved for next time.
  • Could Quentin Jammer come back to the Chargers? In what capacity? - This branched off into a Marcus Gilchrist conversation too, and then went to some dark places after that.

There was probably other stuff too. I talked a lot. Thanks for the 10 or so people that showed up, and a special thanks to the 3-4 that stuck around for the entire thing. Based on how much fun I had doing this one, I'm thinking I should pick a regular timeslot and do one once a week. That should make it easier for everyone to plan for it.

Anyway, as always, your feedback is welcome in the comments below.