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TOMORROW: The Most Fun You've Ever Had

Tomorrow evening, BFTB tries something new: live video podcasting, with lots of audience interaction. Are you ready?

Laurence Griffiths

Did you know that 1090AM is searching for a partner for Hacksaw (REAL NAME: Paul Mahan) in the mornings? I've only heard of it because @LobShots seems fairly peeved that the two scheduled times to announce the new partner have long since come and gone without an announcement. Oh, and because The Silver Fox wanted the gig (for some reason) for a while before 1090 told him no.

Why do I bring this up? Do I want to be Hacksaw's partner? No, thanks, I have more than enough irritation in my life already. However, I came up with an idea this morning that is fun for me, fun for you and does a pretty decent job of showing just how easy it is to run a show that is similar to Mr. Mahan's in terms of content and better in terms of quality.

Don't worry, this isn't the return of the old BFTB podcast where I'd drink beer, smoke cigarettes and pace to the point where I was out of breath after 10 minutes of ranting. That thing was a mess. This isn't even the long-awaited return of High Boltage because some bridges are still on fire, and I'm still standing over them laughing maniacally. This is plain and simple idea robbery.

Are you familiar with Bomani Jones? Does a show for SB Nation, has one of the funniest Twitter accounts going, and does semi-regular live video podcasts on his personal website. Well, I hope you have no idea who he is, because I'm going to steal some of his schtick and give it to the San Diego sports audience.

Tomorrow evening (6PM Pacific), I will be doing a live video podcast. Why does it matter that it's live? Because I will be spending the majority of the time answering questions and responding to comments from you guys (who will be in a chat room with me). We can talk about free agency, the NFL draft, the new coaches, Shawne Merriman's retirement, our favorite movies, what we're having for dinner....whatever, really. We can even discuss San Diego sports topics that aren't Chargers related, because I write about that stuff too. Think of it as a live, video version of "BFTB After Dark".

This will all be done as a Google Hangout, so as long as you have a Google account you should be ready to go. All you need to do is clear your schedules and grab a tasty beverage of your choice (I will probably be drinking Guinness), because this is going to be fun.