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BFTB After Dark: March 4, 2013

BFTB After Dark returns to absolutely no critical acclaim whatsoever. GO CRAZY.

Hagen Hopkins

The glorious return of BFTB After Dark!

I suppose, since not everyone that is here now was here a year ago or remembers a year ago, I should explain what BFTB After Dark is. Well, it's pretty simple. I give you a run down of the day here at BFTB and any other important news/articles I've bumped into over the course of the day that you might be interested in reading.

Sometimes I'll rant about one thing or another. It's meant to be purely casual and off-the-cuff. Then, when the rant is over, I turn the lights off and the fun happens. I call this feature "After Dark" because most of the moderators aren't hanging around the site at all hours of the night. We poke our head in from time to time, but "After Dark" is basically a nightly Open Thread where anything goes. Want to talk about the Chargers? The NBA? Physics? Would you like to rant about how much you dislike Richard Wade? Have at it, this is a safe place.

Oh, and I post a music video every day too because you miscreants have awful taste in music (typically) and I'm trying to curb that.

Onto the news!

Amanda Palmer - "I Want You, But I Don't Need You" - Live at The Music Box (via OtterFreak)