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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Hochuli game or "worst day ever"?

The first 4 vs 5 is a pair of recent instances both of which still hurt to think about for too long.


You can see the whole bracket by clicking here. We've finally made it to the 4 vs 5 seed matchups and there can barely be any favorites here. These should be "fun."

Next up today: (4) the Hochuli game vs. (5) "Worst Day Ever"

What happened?

(4) On September 14, 2008 the 0-1 San Diego Chargers were set to play the 1-0 Denver Broncos in Denver and it was not going to be their day. In the first quarter, the officiating crew incorrectly ruled a fumble by Chris Chambers that Denver recovered. Television replays clearly showed Chambers' elbow was down, but thanks to an equipment malfunction of some type they were unable to review the play on the field. Hochuli waited two minutes then upheld the incorrect initial ruling. The Chargers fought back, though and led 38-31 with less than a minute left to play. Taking the snap at the Chargers' 1 yard line, Jay Cutler dropped back and promptly dropped the ball on the turf where it was recovered by Tim Dobbins. Unfortunately for the Chargers, Ed Hochuli whistled the play dead before the ball was recovered and Denver maintained possession. With 29 seconds left Cutler would hit Eddie Royal in the end zone and the Broncos would convert a two point conversion to win. Hochuli admitted on the field that his inadvertent whistle was wrong and that the Chargers should have won. He also later admitted this openly to reporters and reportedly replied to all of the hate mail he received via e-mail.

(5) On October 31, 2011 the San Diego Chargers played the Chiefs in Kansas City on Monday Night Football. Philip Rivers threw for over 360 yards, but also threw two picks. Still with time ticking down, the game tied and the ball on the 15 yard line, the Chargers were in position to win on a relatively short Nick Novak field goal. Obviously that didn't happen or this game would have been completely unmemorable. What did happen is that Philip Rivers fumbled the snap and the Chiefs' Andy Studebaker recovered. Eric Weddle would pick off Matt Cassel for a second time and force overtime, but the game was still lost as the Chiefs drove into field goal range, didn't fumble any snaps and Ryan Succop hit the game winner dropping the Chargers to 4-3 instead of 5-2 and helped keep the Chargers out of the playoffs for the second straight year. Also, yes, I know that Rivers' claims he said "worst play ever." Go away.

Which is worse?

The Hochuli game was truly awful, but the Chargers still made the playoffs that year while they didn't in 2011. Still, both are pretty terrible. Vote in the poll and let us know why you chose the way you did.