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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Losing the 1980 AFC Championship or losing the 1964 AFL Championship?

There sure are a lot of sweet, sweet playoff failures to choose from. Oh, Chargers, why?


You can see the whole bracket by clicking here. So far, we've reviewed more than half of the misery that is this infernal bracket and today we pick up where we left off with the last of the 3 vs 6 matchups to be followed by the 4 vs 5 seeds.

Next up today: (3) Losing the 1980 AFC Championship vs. (6) Losing the 1964 AFL Championship

What happened?

(3) The San Diego Chargers finished the 1980 regular season at 11-5, winners of the AFC West and had split their two games with the Oakland Raiders. They won in the divisional round against the Buffalo Bills and then played host to the Raiders in the AFC Championship Game on January 11, 1981. The first quarter was the Jim Plunkett show as he would throw for two scores and run for another. The Chargers were lucky to only be down 14 points as they changed sides of the field. Fouts and co. would outscore the Raiders 20-13 the rest of the way, but that initial lead built by Plunkett proved insurmountable. The Raiders would go on to blow out the Eagles in Super Bowl XV two weeks later.

(6) The Chargers went 8-5-1 in the 1964 regular season. That mark was good enough to win the AFL West division despite ending the year on a two game losing streak against the Chiefs and Raiders. John Hadl, Keith Lincoln and the rest of the Chargers would travel to Buffalo, NY to defend their 1963 AFL title against the Bills and former Charger QB Jack Kemp. They would manage to get up 7-3 early on, but were blanked the rest of the way and lost 20-7 partially thanks to "the hit heard 'round the world" that knocked RB Keith Lincoln out of the game.

Which is worse?

Both were games to determine the best team in the AFL/AFC. One was a true championship game and the other was against the Raiders. It's hard to say what's worse. Vote in the poll and let us know why you chose the way you did.