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BFTB After Dark: March 29, 2013

Chat about whatever on Friday evening and most of the weekend.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

It's my mom's birthday, y'all. Wish my mom a happy birthday. I COMMAND YOU!

Thank you. I'm sure she appreciated that.

Finally, we've reached a weekend where sports can almost take over my entire existence once again. There's college basketball tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. important games too! There's baseball on Sunday and Monday is Opening Day for every team outside of the state of Texas (everything is a day early in Texas).


I'm also going to try to make it a point to keep BFTB from becoming a barren wasteland this weekend.

Oh, and sorry about not doing a video podcast this week. My schedule got crazy busy. I mean, tonight isn't, but I need a night off. Maybe we'll shoot for Tuesday next week. It's not like anything happened this week anyway.

Enjoy your Easter!