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Is Marcus McNeill Returning to the San Diego Chargers?

Former San Diego Chargers Left Tackle started tweeting after the team released Jared Gaither. Could it spell a return for the All-Pro?

Harry How

Before closing twitter yesterday, I saw Marcus McNeill (who I still follow for some reason) tweet something out.

Professional athletes tweet out "Wow" without explanation all the time. I usually take it as them commenting on a girl or sending a message to somebody. I closed Twitter and went about my day. Here's what I came back to:

Marcus then proceeded to retweet a large number of fans that were begging him to return to the San Diego Chargers or congratulating him on already returning. This morning, Marcus continued with the teasing:

Oh my goodness! Marcus McNeill is returning! Let's all freak out!

The ex-Chargers left tackle created his own social-media stir this week, suggesting he will attempt a career comeback. The two-time Pro Bowler retired after the 2011 season amid recurring spinal issues.

Alvin Keels, his agent, settled the confusion via text Friday morning.

He was asked if McNeill is planning a return to the game.

"No, he's not," Keels said.


First of all, a quick congratulations to Michael Gehlken, who is absolutely killing it as Baby Fox.

Second, damn you for teasing us Marcus!

Third, I guess it wasn't much of a tease. His neck/spine is in tatters and he hasn't played football in years. It's not like signing Marcus McNeill would be a replacement or an upgrade of Jared Gaither.

We can all go back to living our boring lives now.