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BFTB After Dark: March 27, 2013

Chat about whatever you want in this evening's "After Dark" open thread.

Hagen Hopkins

San Diego State is out of the NCAA basketball tournament, which starts up again tomorrow. The San Diego Chargers have released Jared Gaither. The San Diego Padres open their season on Monday.

Yup, not a lot going on in the world of San Diego sports this evening. I think even the Sockers season is over, without me having made it to a game (unfortunately).

I guess it's the NBA or NHL for all of us this evening, although the NBA has officially hit "cruise control" mode where players and fans are getting impatient waiting for the playoffs. That's one benefit of strike-shortened seasons....the season never seems too long.

Chat about whatever you want in the comments below. This week's video podcast is probably going down on Friday. Anyone have a preference in time between 6pm, 7pm or 8pm Pacific?