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San Diego Chargers Revised Mock Draft Selection: Lane Johnson

John Gennaro rethinks his mock draft selection after San Diego Chargers release Offensive Tackle Jared Gaither.

Joe Robbins

I tried to be cool. I tried to go outside of the norm and pick a player, and a position, that the other mock drafts weren't selecting for the San Diego Chargers with the 11th overall pick.

Everyone else wanted Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle from Oklahoma. The thought process was that the team would release Jared Gaither and anoint Johnson as the "protector of Philip Rivers' blindside" for the remainder of El Capitan's career. I looked that Gaither, still on the roster, and compared the depth at Tackle with the depth at Defensive Line before selecting Star Lotulelei from Utah.

Since that selection was announced yesterday, the Chargers went ahead and released Jared Gaither. I'm not saying that they waited for me to choose a Defensive Tackle to release Gaither specifically to make me look bad, but I'm not saying that they didn't either.

That being said, I think I should change my selection now to what it would've been had the Chargers released Jared Gaither around the same time they were releasing Takeo Spikes, Atari Bigby, Randy McMichael and Antonio Garay.


Lane Johnson

#69 / Offensive Linesman / Oklahoma Sooners




You win, you bastards. Remind me to never think outside the box ever again.