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San Diego Chargers Release LT Jared Gaither

A year after signing him to a four-year contract worth more than $24 million, the San Diego Chargers have released starting Left Tackle Jared Gaither.


The San Diego Chargers have finally released Offensive Tackle, and "big fish" of the 2012 free agency haul for former General Manager A.J. Smith, Jared Gaither.

Why do it now when they could've done it over a week ago? I have no idea. I doubt we'll ever find out. My logic, the last few days, in my argument that Gaither would be retained was that he hadn't been released as soon as he could have been. Friend-of-the-blog Darren Smith apparently wonders the same thing.

Maybe there was some secret meeting between Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy, Joe D'Alessandris and Jared Gaither in the last few days that finally sealed Gaither's fate. Who knows? Not us. Not now or ever. However, we do know that Gaither is gone and will never again wear a Chargers uniform on an NFL field.

For the four games he appeared in last season, Gaither was paid $9 million by the Chargers. He'll account for $6 million in "dead money" against the 2013 salary cap, which is $500k less than what it would've been had he been on the roster this season. That being said, the team saves $4.5 million in real money this that has probably already been spent on the team's new practice fields.