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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Cutting Rodney Harrison or Denver comeback?

With a fairly substantial upset in the first round, the cutting of Rodney Harrison is actually the favorite over the Denver comeback.

Robin Marchant

I'm still surprised that cutting Rodney Harrison beat out losing the Freezer Bowl. Unforced errors are a real sticking point with you guys, it seems. I'm interested to see if that carries Rodney over the Denver comeback today. Recency bias being what it is, I wouldn't be shocked to see another upset (inasmuch as my imposed seedings are anything to go by for context).

You can find the complete bracket by clicking here.

What happened?

(6) On February 27, 2003, following the conclusion of the 2002 season, the San Diego Chargers released two-time All Pro Strong Safety Rodney Harrison. Two weeks later, Harrison would sign a six year deal with the New England Patriots with whom he would go on to win two Super Bowls and be named an All Pro twice more. Harrison would finish his career with the most sacks of any defensive back in history and was the first player to ever record 30 sacks and 30 interceptions. He was selected as a member of the Chargers' 40th & 50th Anniversary teams. Since the Chargers released Rodney, they have employed one failed experiment after another and even now 10 years later still have not found a suitable replacement. Here's just a taste of the "failed experiment" list: Kwamie Lassiter, Terrence Kiel, Clinton Hart, Steve Gregory, Paul Oliver, Atari Bigby, and Bob Sanders. There were others, but those ones all stand out for various different reasons.

(7) On October 15, 2012 the 3-2 San Diego Chargers played host to the 2-3 Denver Broncos and had a chance to go up two games on second place as well as 3-0 in the division. At halftime, they held a 24-0 lead that to non-Chargers fans looked insurmountable. Chargers fans knew better and so did Peyton Manning. The Chargers would not score again. The Broncos would score 35 unanswered points. The Chargers would never get above .500 again and Denver would finish the season 13-3. This game was the turning point.

Which was worse?

You tell us by voting in the poll and commenting below.