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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Titans hit on Merriman or getting blown out in the Super Bowl?

Jeff Fisher is just the worst. I can't stand that guy. You should hate him, too.

Dilip Vishwanat

I'd like to take a minute to mention just how much I hate Jeff Fisher. Him putting a hit out on Merriman is probably the biggest reason the Chargers didn't get to a Super Bowl during the Norv Turner era. It's not some kind of coincidence that he tried to hire Gregg Williams in spite of the ongoing bounty scandal. I'm still a little surprised how upset some of you are about the Super Bowl blowout. That was an all-time great 49ers team and the Chargers barely sneaked in. 1994 is nothing but good memories for me.

You can find the complete bracket by clicking here.

What happened?

(2) On December 9, 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee the San Diego Chargers won in overtime 23-17 in one of the more physical games in recent memory. At one point in the game, Vince Young handed the ball off then ran into Shawne Merriman before flopping on the ground like a soccer player. There was no flag and no ill intent. That didn't stop the Titans from "retaliating." Jeff Fisher coached teams are notoriously dirty and the 2007 Titans were no exception to this rule. David Stewart and Kevin Mawae intentionally took out Merriman's left knee. He would never be the same player he was before and the San Diego Chargers still haven't replaced his production on the field. The lack of a healthy Shawne Merriman went a long way toward preventing San Diego from fielding a championship caliber defense.

(6) On January 29, 1995 the Chargers made it to their first and so far only Super Bowl. They might as well have stayed home. The 49ers simply murdered them. It was horrific. The final score was 49-26 and although that's a pretty clear blowout, the game didn't feel even that close. They were simply outmatched. Steve Young, Jerry Rice, and co. were so much better than the team San Diego fielded that the game didn't seem fair. I like to imagine the season ended with Dennis Gibson batting down that pass in Pittsburgh because this game was painful to watch and honestly somehow more painful to remember.

Which was worse?

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