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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Holy Roller or the 1983 NFL Draft

After the first round, the Holy Roller rolls on, but the 1983 NFL Draft upset Drew Brees' getting his shoulder ruined in a meaningless game.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Failing to land any quarterback in 1983 was found to be worse than losing Drew Brees to an injury in a game he shouldn't have been playing in and only was because Marty Schottenheimer is terrible. That makes some sense as the one set the franchise back longer than the other, but both were unforced errors. As for the Holy Roller, well, anything involving the Raiders is going to be tough to beat because, well, they're the Raiders and we hate them.

You can check out the whole bracket by clicking here.

What happened?

(1) The Holy Roller (or Immaculate Deception as Wikipedia claims Charger fans refer to it) isn't just an infamous part of the San Diego Chargers' history. It changed the rules of the game. That's the Raiders for you: cheating before it even became cheating. On September 10, 1978 the Chargers led by six with 10 seconds left on the clock. Ken Stabler took the snap from the San Diego 14 yard line and was forced out of the pocket by Woodrow Lowe. Stabler illegally fumbled the ball forward, then Pete Banaszak recovered and did the same before Dave Casper recovered in the end zone. The referees botched both calls and gave the Raiders the win.

(5) In 1983, the San Diego Chargers held the 5th, 20th and 22nd picks in the NFL Draft. Four Hall of Famers were drafted after their first pick, two after their last including Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Gill Byrd and Gary Anderson both became Pro Bowlers, but the failure to draft a replacement for Dan Fouts would drag down the franchise for years to come.

Which was worse?

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