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BFTB Tournament of Terrible: Marlon McCree or picking the wrong Bobby?

Marlon McCree "bested" Tim Tebow and Bobby Beathard's continued employment was considered worse than a playoff loss. I'd say you guys got both of those right. What do you guys think about this next matchup?

Jeff Gross

It's sad that this is the only thing anyone will remember about Marlon McCree's career, but it's clearly the most important moment he was ever a part of on a football field. I still can't believe any of you voted for the Tim Tebow game because that was nothing in comparison, but I can't tell you how to feel (even if you're clearly wrong). Picking Bobby Beathard over Bobby Ross was a huge "winner" over Humphries' last playoff loss. Now those two clear victors square off and you guys will almost certainly choose McCree's fumble, but I think it's worth considering just how badly keeping Bobby Beathard messed up the franchise for years.

What happened?

(1) On January 14, 2007 the 14-2 San Diego Chargers hosted the 12-4 New England Patriots for the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The Chargers were 8-0 at home, had nine players sent to the Pro Bowl, five more to the All Pro team and were widely considered to be the best team in The League. Marty Schottenheimer would uncharacteristically attempt and fail on 4th & 11 early in the game. The sure-handed Eric Parker would muff a punt. Former Charger Reche Caldwell would contribute a huge catch to the Patriots. Almost everything would go wrong, but in the second half the Chargers had the lead. LaDainian Tomlinson would extend that lead to 21-13 with a TD in the 4th quarter. They would intercept Tom Brady for a third time that day on the following drive. It should have been over, but Marlon McCree would try to return the pick rather than getting down. He fumbled and the Patriots went on to win and do Shawne Merriman's stupid sack dance in the middle of the field in celebration.

(4) After the 1996 season, Bobby Beathard was allowed to force out Bobby Ross as head coach and replace him with Kevin Gilbride. Bobby Ross had had gone 47-33 during his tenure as head coach of the Chargers including the franchise's lone trip to the Super Bowl. After his departure the team wouldn't have a winning regular season record or make the playoffs until 2004. Beathard's attempts to replace Ross and then Gilbride were disastrous and culminated in a 1-15 season in 2000. He traded multiple future first round picks to draft players that likely weren't in any danger of slipping by him had he not traded up. Keeping Beathard over Ross ultimately wasted nearly a decade.

Which was worse?

You tell us by voting in the poll and commenting below.