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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 25, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.


Danario Alexander still hangs in balance - Michael Gehlken (paywall)
"Very talented player," McCoy said. "He averaged 17.8 (yards) per reception. Made a lot of plays. He and Philip (Rivers) had a great relationship that developed in a hurry because he had to play right away. It's always a possibility (for him to go elsewhere), but we made the decision. I know what we did, and we're going to stick by it. We'll see what happens."

Chargers, IOMEDIA Join Forces for Unique Experience - Ricky Henne
The San Diego Chargers have partnered with IOMEDIA, Inc. to provide a unique interactive experience with the launch of a Virtual Venue™ site for Qualcomm Stadium.

Best and Worst Run Stop Rates 2012 - Rivers McCown
What really jumps out about this list is that we might have to say nice things about DeAngelo Hall. (Checks FO constitution.) Ah, I see, we don't have to, but we can be nuanced and admit that while he was still awful in coverage last season, there was some decent sense that went into Jim Haslett's plan to play him more at safety. Hall was in the top-10 in run stop rate for defensive backs in 2011, as well.

Word of Muth: Stopping Pass-Rush Moves - Ben Muth
Now, since this column is ultimately about offensive line play and I sat in hundreds of hours of offensive line meetings versus zero hours of defensive line meetings, this piece will be more about blocking these moves than winning with them. But I’ll try to offer as much insight as I can as to what the defensive player is coached to do and why.

The Southwest Commercial Is Evil Now - YouTube
Here is the Southwest commercial with the Fun song, but with the score from Requiem for a Dream instead. It is evil now.