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Poll: Which Chargers Player Signing Has Been Your Favorite?

The Chargers haven't been completely quiet in Free Agency, they've actually made some moves. Which of the moves has been your favorite?


Let's take a look at the players the Chargers have actually signed during this Free Agency period, shall we?

Name Position Status Experience Previous Team
Brown, Ronnie RB Agreed 8 Seasons San Diego
Cox, Derek CB Signed 4 Seasons Jacksonville
Dunlap, King T Signed 5 Seasons Philadelphia
Goodman, Richard WR Signed 2 Seasons San Diego
Novak, Nick K Signed 5 Seasons San Diego
Ohrnberger, Rich C Agreed 3 Seasons Arizona
Phillips, John TE Signed 4 Seasons Dallas
Rinehart, Chad G Signed 5 Seasons Buffalo
Woodhead, Danny RB Signed 5 Seasons New England

So they've re-signed Ronnie Brown, Richard Goodman and Nick Novak. Not bad. They've brought in some depth in King Dunlap, Rich Ohrnberger (signed just last night), John Phillips and Chad Rinehart. Oh, and there were two impact signings in Derek Cox and Danny Woodhead.

Personally, I look up and down that list, and I'm okay with it. Last year, A.J. Smith tried to build a new team through Free Agency, and that worked out so well for the Chargers. This year, the team has been rather vocal about wanting to get back to "building through the draft," a move I applaud.

If I had to pick one favorite signing, it would probably be Danny Woodhead, for no reason other than the fact that it seriously angered fans in Boston.

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