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BFTB Video Podcast Recap: March 22, 2013

John Gennaro spends an hour talking about the San Diego Chargers and free agency with the Bolts from the Blue community.


Sometimes, the hardest part about doing these podcast recaps is simply remembering what the hell I talked about. Let's see how well I can recall:

  • Kevin Acee and his Mike McCoy article was discussed for a while.
  • Someone brought up Ben Higgins taking my side against Chris Ello, so I talked about them.
  • Rich Ohrnberger was the big/latest news, so I argued with those that insisted that the San Diego Chargers were not in the middle of a move to a Zone Blocking offensive line.
  • I revealed who my pick in the SB Nation Writers' Mock Draft was, and why I made the pick.
  • I wondered why Jared Gaither hasn't been released and talked about how I perceived Tom Telesco's plan to rebuild that unit.
  • I discussed Brian Urlacher and the 'Mike' Linebacker position.
  • I believe there was some talk about the Cornerback positions and how they'll get sorted out, as well as what to do about the Strong Safety spot.
  • Someone asked if Vincent Brown should replace Malcom Floyd, so I responded to that.

Is that enough to whet your appetite? Well, it should be!

Thanks to everyone that dropped by and participated in the conversation. Can't wait to do it again with you next week.

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