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Kevin Acee Assesses Mike McCoy In His Most Recent Column

Managing Editor John Gennaro reacts to a Chris Ello radio rant and a Kevin Acee column while I eat lunch and smile. Join me won't you?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I sat down for a lunch break, flipped open my phone, and saw an absolute sh*tstorm on the Twitter.Our fearless leader John Gennaro had become riled up by Kevin Acee's column and a mini-rant by Chris Ello on Xtra-1360.

Let's start at the beginning.

John was going crazy about Ello's uninformed opinions which, quite honestly, is very understandable. Where to start? How about here:

And . . .

Hmm . . .

We need beers for this . . .

My take away here: Chris Ello isn't that informed.

A MAJOR award!

Then, in an effort to discredit Chris Ello, John brought Darren Smith into the discussion. John proceeded to pay Darren a compliment of the highest order, but as it turns out, John accidentally b*tchslapped Darren. Ooops . . .

To which Darren Replied:

Hey, accidents happen, and John apologized:

But this isn't about Chris Ello. It's more a manifestation of John's feeling towards Kevin Acee's column, New guys invigorated Chargers' boss, written last night. Let us examine the content of Acee's article:

It started well enough:

It's not a stretch to say Spanos was fairly gushing at some points during our talk during a break at the NFL owners meetings, though he stopped himself at one point to acknowledge, "Look, we haven't won a game yet."

No they haven't. They haven't had the opportunity. The season is more than five months away.

Hold on. Let me get my lunch, this might take a while. // gets lunch

Alright . . .

Everything I hear from all corners of the building is how inclusive and positive and full of life the new Telesco-McCoy tandem is - that they have transformed the environment from stale to fresh in every department. Multiple people have conveyed to me that McCoy makes the custodial staff feel it is crucial to the Chargers winning the Super Bowl.

This is completely innocuous. I don't get it. Take a freakin' chill pill, Gennaro! // unfolds My Little Pony birthday napkin and gently places corner into the opening of collared shirt.

And as far as McCoy's charisma goes, I have to go on faith. I find him boring, devoid of candor, incapable of giving even the slightest sincere assessment of his team or his players.

Oh, OK. I get it now. // peels crust from PB&J sandwich.

Well . . . // John Gennaro busts through the F*CKING door!

Yes, John. Tell me how you feel. // rubs tongue against teeth, removing Wonder Bread build-up.

I can see that. // inhales Cheetos.

Alright, if you're giving me permission I have to say I'm a little disappointed at Chase Headley's recent thumb injury, the rash of Tommy John surgeries in the Padres organization, and the season finale of The Bachelor.

What else was in the column? // licks hot Cheetos dust from fingers.

But that is neither here nor there. He will keep his job - or not - based on the number of times he wins over the next three to four years. His level of openness and ability to be interesting with the media or public is mostly irrelevant. (And, in fact, I figure to have a lot of fun with McCoy's banality and unparalleled ability to string together clichés.)

Writing a column isn't easy which is why you have to always get back to the fundamentals and write 'em one day at a time. // takes tug from Hi-C juice box.

I don't know about this one here. I think Acee was merely conveying Spanos' message of receiving a new, fresh perspective from Telesco and McCoy. But who cares. This is fun. // removes fruit roll-up from plastic casing.

The cool thing about Twitter is a person's ability to instantly respond to criticism: // uses fruit roll-up as straw in Hi-C juice box.

As far as I'm concerned it's neither here nor there, because I totally enjoyed that! Exponentially more awesome lunch! // inexplicably places all used wrappers and plastic bags into Tinkerbell lunchbox.

Thanks John! Thanks Kev*!

*Do I need to thank Ello too?