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REACTION: Hacksaw and Hayworth on the Mighty 1090!

Monday morning marked the premier of the Mighty 1090's new program, Hacksaw and Hayworth. REACTION: We WANT to KNOW what YOU THINK.


This morning I turned on the Mighty 1090 to get acquainted with the spectacle that Hacksaw has been touting in recent weeks. There was no shortage of hyperbole prior to the 6 AM hour when Hamilton boldly proclaimed:

I tuned in at about 6:15 AM when the new pairing appeared to be riffing well off one another. They quickly covered topics ranging from the benefits of the East regional and late tip-off for the Aztecs basketball game on Friday to Chase Headley's thumb injury over the weekend.

Eventually, they got into Charger football: Hacksaw took the position that the Chargers are in full blown rebuilding mode, whereas Hayworth suggested the House of Chargers was simply being renovated and that Tom Telesco was the Chargers version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington*.

While cutting to a commercial break, Hacksaw marked his territory as only he can:

Mighty 1090: This is HACKSAW and HAYNESWORTH"

Haynesworth? My imagination ran wild as I envisioned the former congressman getting out of his chair, pushing 'Saw to the deck and then stopping on his face, a la Albert Haynesworth in 2006. I don't know if this actually happened, but it should have.

In all honesty, the two appeared to have a decent rapport with one another and Haynesworth Hayworth wasn't afraid to give his thoughts on San Diego sports. Which is good, I suppose. Was it so "different" that we could qualify it as a "New Era" in radio? I'm not sure about that, although I only listened for a bit.

I don't like to pan things without giving them a chance, so I'm willing to go back and listen to parts of today's show. What did you think**?

*Before you make fun of me just know this: I don't watch this television program, I only know of it. I had to do a Google search to get Pennington's name and the full name of the program. Judge me - just not on my knowledge of ABC programming.

** This could be the shortest comment thread ever.