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2013 NFL Free Agency: What have the San Diego Chargers been up to?

With the bulk of the top NFL Free Agents signed, it's time to review just what the Chargers have been up to.

Rich Schultz

There have been many complaints from Chargers fans about the team's apparent lack of activity in Free Agency this year. Some have even proclaimed the team as having a negative record to end the season. Yeah, I chuckled too.

Remember last year when the Chargers were signing practically every available Free Agent on the market? Remember how well that worked for the team?

Okay, I really didn't mean for this to turn into a condescending post. Let's break down what's happened with the Chargers during Free Agency, shall we?


Name Position Status Experience Previous Team
Cox, Derek CB Signed 4 Seasons Jacksonville
Dunlap, King T Signed 5 Seasons Philadelphia
Phillips, John TE Signed 4 Seasons Dallas
Rinehart, Chad G Signed 5 Seasons Buffalo
Woodhead, Danny RB Agreed 5 Seasons New England

When Derek Cox was signed, many fans were encouraged. Then the Danny Woodhead signing came out and that got some of the fanbase genuinely excited. The other three signings go to fill in obvious needs that should also be addressed in the draft.


Name Position Status Experience 2013 Team
Barnes, Antwan LB Agreed 6 Seasons N.Y. Jets
Bigby, Atari SS Released 7 Seasons
Cason, Antoine CB Signed 5 Seasons Arizona
Garay, Antonio DE Signed 6 Seasons N.Y. Jets
McMichael, Randy TE Released 11 Seasons
Spikes, Takeo ILB Released 15 Seasons
Vasquez, Louis G Signed 4 Seasons Denver

  • The biggest loss in this list is definitely going to be Louis Vasquez. Add in the fact that he went to Denver: double ouch.
  • Antoine Cason leaving for Arizona hurts a bit less with the signing of Cox.
  • Antonio Garay's return to the Jets won't hurt the Chargers too much as Garay barely saw the field last season.
  • The loss of Barnes makes me a little sad.


Name Position Status Experience
Brown, Ronnie RB Agreed 8 Seasons
Goodman, Richard WR Signed 2 Seasons
Novak, Nick K Signed 5 Seasons

You can't see me right now, but I'm just nodding my head subtly in agreement.

Free Agents

Name Position Status Experience
Ajirotutu, Seyi WR UFA 3 Seasons
Alexander, Danario WR RFA 3 Seasons
Battle, Jackie RB UFA 5 Seasons
Brinkley, Curtis RB UFA 3 Seasons
Carr, Chris DB UFA 8 Seasons
Franklin, Aubrayo NT UFA 10 Seasons
Green, Tyronne G UFA 4 Seasons
Guyton, Gary ILB UFA 5 Seasons
Hadnot, Rex G UFA 9 Seasons
Jammer, Quentin CB UFA 11 Seasons
Lynch, Corey SS UFA 5 Seasons
Martin, Vaughn DE UFA 4 Seasons
Phillips, Shaun OLB UFA 9 Seasons
Rosario, Dante TE UFA 6 Seasons
Spurlock, Micheal WR UFA 5 Seasons
Wells, Reggie T UFA 10 Seasons
Williams, Demorrio ILB UFA 9 Seasons

There are quite a few players on this list that I'd like to see re-signed to the team.

Taking into account there's still the draft coming up in a month, what other moves would you like to see the Chargers make in Free Agency?