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AFC West Free Agency Roundup: Oakland Raiders

The Raiders lived beyond their means for the last few seasons, and now they're paying the price.


I don't know how many of you know this about me, but my day job is as a computer programmer. One of the "perks" of the job is inheriting someone else's project because they moved divisions or left the company. It's especially fun when that person was fired by the company for being inept, and you still have to fix their programs. Usually when I inherit a program, it's a complete mess and I have to clean up the mess before I can even begin to add features to the project.

I bring this up because it kind of echoes what's happening up in Oakland. General Manager Reggie McKenzie has inherited a team that was in financial dire straights. The team had big contracts on players, but no cap room to pay those players, so he has to fix things before he can even begin to improve the team.

So what does one do in this situation? Well first: you let your more expensive players walk away or you cut them. Second: you sign cheap talent back to the team just to fill the holes. Third: you rebuild the team through the draft.

This plan may work out well in the long term, but it makes for a rather uninspiring if not uncompetitive team for the 2013 season.


Name Position Status Experience Previous Team
Hunter, Jason LB Signed 7 Seasons Denver
Maiava, Kaluka OLB Signed 4 Seasons Cleveland
Roach, Nick OLB Signed 6 Seasons Chicago
Sims, Pat DT Signed 5 Seasons Cincinnati


Name Position Status Experience 2013 Team
Bryant, Desmond DT Agreed 4 Seasons Cleveland
Goodson, Mike RB Signed 4 Seasons N.Y. Jets
Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR Released 4 Seasons
Huff, Michael CB Released 7 Seasons
Shaughnessy, Matt DE Agreed 4 Seasons Arizona
Tollefson, Dave DE Released 6 Seasons
Wheeler, Philip OLB Signed 5 Seasons Miami


Name Position Status Experience
Adams, Phillip CB Signed 3 Seasons
Francies, Coye DB Signed 2 Seasons

Remaining Free Agents

Name Position Status Experience
Barnes, Khalif T UFA 8 Seasons
Calhoun, Duke WR UFA 2 Seasons
Carlisle, Cooper G UFA 13 Seasons
Carter, Andre DE UFA 12 Seasons
Gaither, Omar MLB UFA 7 Seasons
Giordano, Matt FS UFA 8 Seasons
Hagan, Derek WR UFA 6 Seasons
Hanson, Joselio FS UFA 8 Seasons
Hurd, Zach T UFA 1 Season
Lechler, Shane P UFA 13 Seasons
Leinart, Matt QB UFA 7 Seasons
Mitchell, Mike SS UFA 4 Seasons
Myers, Brandon TE UFA 4 Seasons
Seymour, Richard DT UFA 12 Seasons
Spencer, Shawntae CB UFA 9 Seasons