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About Last Night: Video Podcast Recap March 15, 2013

The video and recap of last night's live video podcast about the San Diego Chargers and 2013 NFL free agency.


Last night we had our second live video podcast and, umm, this one didn't go quite as smooth as last week's.

First, there was the person whose mic I accidentally turned on and couldn't figure out how to turn off for a few minutes. For your benefit, that has been cut out of the video below.

Then there was the problem of the room being "full". I didn't know this was a thing that could happen. Last week, our 10-15 viewers didn't seem to break the system. It seems like we were somewhere around 20 last night when I started getting messages from people that weren't able to get in. I'll figure that out and make sure that we don't have restrictions on the number of people that can watch and participate by time I do another one of these next week.

Now, here's some of the stuff I remember talking about:

  • Nick Barnett and other free agent options to replace Takeo Spikes
  • The incredible lack of pass-rushing depth on the San Diego Chargers' 2013 roster
  • Bolt Talk and their podcast (I also referred to them as "Bolt Beat" for a few minutes by accident)
  • How Quentin Jammer could return to the Chargers (not as a Strong Safety)
  • Why Aubrayo Franklin will probably be back in 2013
  • Why Corey Lynch might not be back in 2013
  • Why Antonio Garay probably won't return in 2013
  • Quick scouting report on Brandon Taylor
  • As per usual, we ended the hour talking about how depressing and screwed up San Diego sports media has become. However, instead of talking about the radio we talked more about the U-T this time.

Here's the video:

BFTB After Dark - 3/14/2013