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The Mighty 1090 Continues To Baffle

The Mighty 1090 had a chance at slowly becoming a respectable radio station. They decided to go the other direction yet again.


On Monday, the Mighty 1090 will see yet another change to their weekday line-up: presumably due to crappy ratings against XTRA1360's The World of Sports with Ben Higgins and Chris Ello, Lee Hacksaw Hamilton's morning drive show will add a co-host:

Hacksaw needed to make this clarification because 1090 had already started running promotions touting the arrival of "Hayworth & Hacksaw." Sure whatever.

If you want to know more about JD Hayworth you can check out what Lobshots wrote. As for me, my thoughts about the addition of Hayworth are best summarized with the following:

As if it wasn't bad enough that 1090 moved Darren Smith to the midday wasteland. Or that for some reason Craig Elsten and 619 Sports can't find a more prominent spot on the station. Or that they brought Scott and BR's not very funny, listen to Billy Ray say "Wow", "Guys' Comedy Show" back into the afternoon drive. The Mighty 1090 actually had an opportunity to bring someone who knows San Diego … and they chose … not to?

Kevin Acee would have been a great addition to the show. He would have balanced out 'Saw's hyperbole and ridiculousness.

Straight-shooting Vencie Glenn would have been fantastic. I used to sit and watch Vencie on NBC's Post-game show, transcribing his wonderful ability to shred no-tacklin'-fools like Antonio Cromartie. Then I would post it on Avenging Jack Murphy* as "Vencie Says". I lived for it!

Alas, none of it is to be. And I don't get it.

*I would give you link but AJM is in internet limbo until I fork over $10 to the Google Machine